Deft Mentoring Academy

who we are

Deft Mentoring Academy is a youth sports club devoted to using football as an engine to positively impact children’s lives. Children will fine-tune their football skills in an inviting and exciting atmosphere while working on sportsmanship, teamwork, and appropriate peer interaction. Our programs offer the perfect avenue for children to increase self-confidence, improve social skills, and strengthen essential values. No matter your child’s age or athletic experience level, we make being active and healthy fun.

Our Philosophy

  • Opportunities for all : Players are not chosen solely on the basis of their ability. Every player participates in at least half of each match.
  • Coaches as Educators/Mentors: Certified coaches who continue to learn and understand their responsibilities as teachers, role models, and life mentors for children.
  • Competitive Player Development: Our curriculum and practices are designed to boost each player’s level of play and ability to compete at a high level.
  • Positive Approach: Inclusive and supportive environments for players, as well as an emphasis on fair play.

our Goals

  • Provide positive environments and outstanding playing experiences for young players.
  • Develop leaders and foster mentoring relationships among players to expedite personal development.
  • Increase and diversify competition opportunities locally and internationally by collaborating with other organizations, supporting leagues, and hosting tournaments.
  • Respond to the community’s calls and needs as we continue to develop our programs.

Our Vision

Pioneering football education in Ghana, our vision extends to evolving into a versatile entity with a comprehensive array of programs spanning the entire year. Aspire to be the premier youth sports club, committed to enriching communities through the holistic development of players’ skills and life competencies.


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