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A Memorable European Football Experience

Prepare for a football odyssey like no other! Join us in 2025 for a memorable, nail-biting, and heart-pumping football journey.

The Passport to Excellence 2025

What could be more fun than travelling with your team to take part in one of the many youth football tournaments in various European countries? An International youth football tournament has always been very popular because it offers a good mix of sport and adventure. We specialise in hosting the most exciting and fun International Youth Football Tournaments and Tours across Scandinavia. This is your chance to be a part of the electrifying atmosphere and join hundreds of teams from different countries around the world at our nail-biting, heart-pumping football tournaments hosted at some of the world’s most popular and modern high-tech facilities.

Our Dana Cup Package

  • 3 Hotel Accommodation or option of School Accommodation
  • Return Air Transfers (Flights)
  • Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
  • Return airport transfers (Denmark)
  • Tournament Transfers
  • Access to the Aquatic park (Park Vendia)
  • Juelsminde and Brovst marching bands play at the HALLEN Park Vendi
  • Access to Hioring’s museums
  • Access to Dana Cup event area
  • Access to Dana Cup Disco
  • Discount to Farup Summerland
  • Discount to North Sea Oceanarium
  • Fully Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Day trip to Legoland
  • Day trip to the North Sea Oceanarium
  • Day trip to Fårup Summerland theme park
  • Excursions and sightseeing around Hjørring town
  • Upgrade to 4 or 5 Star Hotel
  • Extended stay
  • Boys U-11 to U-12 (7-a-side)
  • Boys U-13 to U-17 (11-a-side)
  • Girls U-12 (7-a-side)
  • Girls U-13 to U-19 (11-a-side)

22 -27 July, 2024

Hjørring, Denmark

Contact us today to learn more about signing up your child for our European Football Tournament 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Europe football tour is designed to provide young football players with a unique and competitive international experience. It offers them the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills, build teamwork, and broaden their cultural horizons through matches and cultural exchanges.

The tour is open to children aged 6 to 15 years old who have a passion for football and want to experience the thrill of playing and learning in an international setting.

The tour typically lasts for 8 days and includes football matches against other teams from various countries. The tour also includes cultural experiences and sightseeing tours to help children learn about the countries they visit. It’s not just about soccer; it’s about exploring and embracing new cultures.


The safety and well-being of the children is our top priorities. We have trained staff members accompanying the group at all times, and we follow strict safety protocols. Additionally, all participants are required to have travel insurance.

Yes, parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their children on the tour. Special packages can be arranged for family members who wish to join and share in the experience.

To register your child for the youth football tour in Europe, please complete the registration form. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information and consent forms.

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